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Kumo has Moved

As of March 1st I am no longer working out of the Multnomah Family Care Center. I would have loved to stay in the Village, but it turns out I had to move down the street. I am now seeing patients out of the Portland Wellness Center in Hillsdale. I am hoping to make this transition as smooth as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions. The Portland Wellness Center is located at 6274 SW Capitol Highway, Portland OR 97239. I am once again in charge of my billing and scheduling. And so, you can expect the straight forward service I enjoy offering. The Portland Wellness Center is a well established clinic with multiple independent practitioners. I got a very good feel from the space and expect that you will all be comfortable with the switch.

Eight Treasures Qi Gong

I am leading Eight Treasures in Gabriel Park starting 4/12/2014. We will gather by the bike rack between the SWCC and the parking lot at 9am, and then walk over to a flat grassy area of the park between the hills and the volley ball courts. Eight Treasures is a great standing form developed to stretch and strengthen the body. This will be a beginners class, and is open to the public, so all are welcome.

Below is a list of possible additional forms you may request when attending a class.

  • Stomach Harmonization from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a brief standing exercise taken from two of the eight movements from 8 Treasures which help to strengthen and heal the digestive tract.

  • Roberto leading a meditation

  • Clearing the Lungs from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a third movement taken from 8 Treasures. It is also a brief standing exercise. This routine is helpful in clearing the lungs and chest of congestion and aids in stimulating the immune system.

  • Four Breaths for Compassion.

    This is a short standing routine that has many different names and interpretations by different qi gong schools. This form is powerful in treating anxiety and building patience by cultivating a strong and compassionate heart/spirit.

  • Four Kinds of Abdominal Breathing.

    This is a brief routine from the Ling Gui International School of Qi Gong which aids in the storage and circulation of qi in the lower dan tian. It massages all the internal organs and raises qi to the head. Therefore, the form is useful for any digestive discomfort, tension in the chest, and/or memory loss.

  • Walking Ba Gua.

    This is a simple walking meditation that harmonizes the qi of all the acupuncture channels in the body. This form is excellent in treating fatigue from any cause and is especially helpful when recovering from severe illness.

  • Taking Care Portland

    This is a great event that I am excited to be participating in. If you, or someone you know, has been affected by cancer you should check out the link above. They are a great soon to be non-profit whose mission is to care for cancer patients, survivors and their families.

    Roberto leading a meditation

    Qi Gong in Gabriel Park

    One of the teachings of Qi Gong is to be in tune with the world around you. One great way to feel this conections is to practice Qi Gong outside. For this reason, during the Summer I lead a class in Gabriel Park. The form I lead is Eight Treasures Qi Gong which is a standing form developed to gently strengthen the tendons and muscles. Though I usually introduce other short meditations as well. Please follow the link above for more details.