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Roberto has Moved to Walla Walla

Things have a funny way of developing, and as of June first 2014 we have moved to Walla Walla. Our dream has always been to raise our family in Walla Walla. That is where Katie and I met and we really love the area. Katie got a job offer and Teo is about to start school and so we decided we had better make that dream a reality sooner than later.

I am pleased to say that Aram Levendosky, a class mate of mine, with whom I was sharing the space in Hillsdale has taken over my practice. We have a very similar practice style and I am sure you will all enjoy working with him. His phone number is (971) 269-4191, and his web page is www.aomhealth.com.

Currently, I am setting up my new clinic in Walla Walla. We have painted the office and are updating the furniture, flooring, lighting, and fixtures. This will be a long project and I am pleased to announce that it is coming together nicely. I am able to use the space during the remodel and so for those of you visiting my page from Walla Walla or the surrounding areas, feel free to schedule an appointment.

When finished the space will have reception, treatment rooms, and a tea room where you can relax before or after your treatments. I will be planning an open house in the near future and will post details as they become available.

Eight Treasures Qi Gong

Roberto leading a meditation

I enjoy leading Eight Treasures in a park when the weather is nice. One of the teachings of Qi Gong is to be in tune with the world around you, and a great way to feel this conections is to practice Qi Gong outside. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this moving meditation and that will motivate me to get a session organized. Eight Treasures is a great standing form developed to stretch and strengthen the body. This will be a beginners class, and is open to the public, so all are welcome.

Below is a list of possible additional forms you may request when attending a class.

  • Stomach Harmonization from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a brief standing exercise taken from two of the eight movements from 8 Treasures which help to strengthen and heal the digestive tract.

  • Clearing the Lungs from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a third movement taken from 8 Treasures. It is also a brief standing exercise. This routine is helpful in clearing the lungs and chest of congestion and aids in stimulating the immune system.

  • Four Breaths for Compassion.

    This is a short standing routine that has many different names and interpretations by different qi gong schools. This form is powerful in treating anxiety and building patience by cultivating a strong and compassionate heart/spirit.

  • Four Kinds of Abdominal Breathing.

    This is a brief routine from the Ling Gui International School of Qi Gong which aids in the storage and circulation of qi in the lower dan tian. It massages all the internal organs and raises qi to the head. Therefore, the form is useful for any digestive discomfort, tension in the chest, and/or memory loss.

  • Walking Ba Gua.

    This is a simple walking meditation that harmonizes the qi of all the acupuncture channels in the body. This form is excellent in treating fatigue from any cause and is especially helpful when recovering from severe illness.