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Kumo's Services - Healthy Weight Loss

If your body is out of balance, then even if you are doing all the right things the weight might not come off. Or perhaps keeping the weight off is the problem. Your metabolism may be stuck in a rut. Whatever the problem is the combination of acupuncture and good nutrition can break the cycle.

There are so many weight loss recommendations circulating that it is often confusing what you should or should not do. In my healthy weight loss program I will guide you through general nutritional wisdom and Chinese nutritional therapy to help the pounds come off without risking malnutrition. I will use acupuncture to support your metabolism, help your body detox as it loses the weight, heal and support your digestive tract, and curb food cravings. I will also make recommendations for herbs and supplements based on your individual needs to help heal and balance the gut. Generally, I recommend that you have completed a week's diet diary prior to your first session to be reviewed and discussed during the appointment.

This is a lifestyle changing program and the goal is slow, steady, permanent weight loss. Because of its gentle nature it is suitable for all ages.

The consultation, nutritional and herbal recommendations of this program can also be made via Skype Consultation.