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Though his training has been primarily in the Traditional Chinese Medicine style of acupuncture, Roberto is also familiar with Japanese and Tan styles of acupuncture.  Appointments are typically an hour long, starting with an in-depth interview to identify the areas in which you would like help. Roberto will then pull from a varied number of techniques including acupuncture, moxa (a heating technique to warm and invigorate), cupping (suction to relieve tension, adhesions, and move blood), and massage. At the end of the visit, if applicable, Roberto will discuss options including life style changes, herbal medicine or dietary supplements which will help speed recovery.  If possible, please wear loose, comfortable clothing and try to eat something before your treatment. Often, people enter "acu-land" during a treatment, and they feel a bit like they are in a dream after the session. Please be prepared to spend a few minutes re-grounding yourself before driving.​

Shiatsu Massage​

A Shiatsu appointment begins with a brief interview, which is followed by a traditional abdominal palpation/diagnosis. This is followed by a full body massage which is mostly "light" touch and simple stretching movements which effectively move your body's energy along the acupuncture meridians. "Light" is in quotation marks because although Zen Shiatsu is energetically focused, appropriate depth and strength are used in order to relax the body's muscles and tissues. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn. 

Tui Na Massage

​Tui Na is a type of Chinese deep tissue massage. Combinations of pressure and vibration are applied to relax areas of tension and break up adhesions. Generally, we will go through a whole body routine, but will focus in on areas of tension as needed. Although this style of massage is very physical, it also has a profound effect on the internal organs. Tui Na can be used instead of acupuncture if someone is curious about Oriental Medicine but too afraid to try acupuncture. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn.

Reflexology Massage

Roberto offers a traditional reflexology massage which is typically 30min and is performed in a private treatment room. Reflexology is a form of therapeutic massage where pressure points on the feet are stimulated to improve blood flow and therefore health of their corresponding organ system or body part. Some of the points on your feet may have an intense sensation when stimulated but the overall experience is very nurturing and relaxing.​

Herbal Consultation

An herbal consultation may be scheduled independently or as a follow-up visit to an acupuncture appointment. This session is typically a half hour interview where detailed information about your condition and/or the effects of previous treatments are discussed. Your preferences are also discussed in order to prepare a formula that best fits your commitment, expectations, and condition. This can also be done via Skype consultation if you are traveling or otherwise unable to make it to the clinic.​

Nutritional Consultation

A nutritional consultation is typically a half hour discussion of your eating habits and their effect on your health. General nutritional wisdom and Chinese nutritional therapy are discussed to illustrate how specific modifications to your eating habits may improve the health of your organ systems. Generally it is recommended that you have completed a week's diet diary prior to this session, to be reviewed and discussed during the appointment.​


Cupping is a treatment often used for sore muscles, pain, or viral illnesses. Suction is applied to the skin using glass globes and heat, or silicon cups, in order to promote circulation and release subnormal tissue adhesions. ​Though typically integrated into an acupuncture treatment there are times when cupping can be given independently. You may choose to have cupping if you are too needle sensitive, or simply because you prefer cupping.​


Moxa is fiber from the mugwart plant that can be processed in several different ways but ultimately is burnt near the skin for a soothing and penetrating heat therapy. A change of clothes should be brought or one should not have any plans after a moxa therapy session because of the pungent smell of the burning mugwart. ​Though typically integrated into an acupuncture treatment there are times when moxa therapy can be given independently. You may choose to have moxa therapy if you are too needle sensitive, you respond better to heat therapy, or simply because you prefer moxa. ​

Gua Sha/"Scraping"

One techniques which may be employed while you are in your appointment includes Gua Sha, which is a technique in which the skin and underlying muscles are stimulated in order to release tissue adhesions and promote circulation. Stimulation involves preparing the area with oils and rubbing, or "scraping" the skin with a special rounded tool​
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