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We hope you will use this page to expand your knowledge on topics like nutrition, exercise, meditation, and general lifestyle habits. We also use this page to help you access paperwork required for the clinic, or as part of your treatment plan.

Patient Paperwork

Please use the links below to access your patient paperwork.

Video References

Below please find some helpful video tutorials on healthful practices like Qi Gong forms and yoga. I hope these references help you feel more confident in creating a daily practice.


Simple Meditations

Meditation is a very powerful tool. If you have not had much exposure to it, beginning a meditation practice can be intimidating, however, the benefits far outweigh any initial discomfort as you begin your journey. With practice, meditation can help you to both live more calmly and work with greater focus. In fact, there are so many health benefits to a regular meditation practice that a naturopath friend of mine believed she would consider failing to recommend meditation to her patients, as malpractice!


Below I am compiling a list of some simple meditations that anyone can do, to start you on your journey. A regular meditation practice can be transformative, but the most important advice for the beginner is to be patient with yourself and start slow.

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